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Bali (Dark)

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Experience the rich and diverse taste of BALI coffee by taking a flight with us. Dark roasted with hints of dark chocolate, blackberry, and brown sugar - this coffee is a flavor journey to Bali in every sip. Let the rich, exotic flavors transport you to the lush landscapes and vibrant culture of this tropical paradise. Prepare your luggage and immerse yourself in a truly genuine experience.

BALI KINTAMANI is a Grade 1, Triple-Picked green coffee, produced by five skilled farmers in the Kintamani Highlands. The inter cropped farms, with their rich soil and high altitude, create a classic Bali flavor profile of mild intensity, full body, and a clean, citrusy taste. 

Our coffee is air-roasted in small batches and freshly ground to order so you get optimal flavor and freshness.

  • FLAVOR: Dark Chocolate, Blackberry, and Brown Sugar
  • BODY: Heavy
  • ACIDITY: Mild 
  • PROCESS: Semi Washed
  • MOISTURE: 12.20%

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Aerobrew Coffee Company 

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