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Colombia (Medium/Dark)

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Embark on a journey and savor the flavors of COLOMBIA from your mug! Experience a daring, bold blend with hints of Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Almond, and Green Apple. Taste the passion in every sip and discover the vibrant flavors of Colombia has to offer. Start your flight and flavor journey today! 

COLOMBIA is a crowd-pleasing coffee blend that allows roasters to explore Colombia's distinctive micro-climates and flavor profiles. Sourced from small, family-owned farms in the second most populous municipality in Huila, this coffee offers notes of milk chocolate, stone fruit, almond, and green apple. Enjoy a bright acidity and medium body with each sip.

Our coffee is air-roasted in small batches and freshly ground to order so you get optimal flavor and freshness.

  • FLAVOR: Milk Chocolate, Stone Fruit, Almond, Green Apple
  • BODY: Medium
  • ACIDITY: Bright
  • PROCESS: Washed
  • MOISTURE: 11.90%

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Customer Reviews

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Douglas D.
Dad's favorite

I haven't tried this myself, just bought it as a gift for my father. Of all of the brands that I've sent him, this is his favorite.